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EDUARD 1/72 Fw 190A-5 (EDK70116)

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                                                                              Fw 190A-5                                    By Eduard #70116

                                                                                                                                                1/72nd scale


                                                  Injection moulded plastic – revised tooling.


              132 components, 8 transparencies. 1 photetch fret, canopy mask, and decal sheet.


    The three large sprues have a large number of components and are crisply moulded with no flash and all ejector pin marks confined to concealed areas. Surface detail consists of finely scribed panel lines.

                                                                        General comment

    This is based on the new short nosed toolings of the Fw 190 in 72nd scale that Eduard have recently released. Of the three supplied sprues , two feature slightly different sets of fuselage halves and wings.

The first sprue contains the wings for the earlier version of the aircraft that was armed with 20mm MG FF cannons in the wings, whilst the second sprue is for the later aircraft with strengthened wings containing the MG151 guns.

The third sprue contains all the undercarriage, engine, propeller , weapon, and antennae components with many of these surplus to requirements for the versions depicted by the kit.

The interior consists of the cockpit tub, seat, control column, and instrument panel, with several items from the photo-etch sheet utilized to enhance this area.

There is a good representation of the front of the engine cylinder bank.

The wingspar  and wheelbay inserts are fitted before  assembly of the mainplane. This plus the included photo-etch enhances the wheelbay detail considerably.

The undercarriage components are crisply moulded with nicely detailed gear legs and treaded tyres.

The torque links are enhanced with parts from the photo-etch sheet.

External stores  consist of the centreline drop tank and it’s rack.

The thin, clear transparencies include four alternate canopy hoods with only two of these used in the kit.  The canopy mask will prove useful with these.


The nicely printed sheet carries appropriate stencilling and importantly, both complete and sectioned swastikas.

Due to political sensitivities in Europe these are often omitted from decal sheets or cut off prior to packing, depending on the destination country of the kit.

Five options are provided for on the sheet –

1.       Fw190A-5, W.Nr. 2594, flown by Maj. Hermann Graf, CO of JGr Ost, Bordeaux, France, Spring, 1943.

2.       Fw190A-5, flown by Hptm. Walter Nowotny, CO of I./JG 54 Grunherz, Orel, Fall 1943.

3.       Fw190A-5, W.Nr. 410055, flown by Uffz. Bernhard Kunze, 2./JG 1, The Netherlands, October, 1943.

4.       Fw190A-5, W.Nr. 7328, flown by Hptm. Dietrich Wickop, CO of II./JG 1, Woensdrecht, The Netherlands, May, 1943.

5.       Fw190A-5, flown by Hptm. Egon Mayer, CO of III./JG 2 Richthofen, France, Spring 1943.




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