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BITTYDESIGN Striker-SR 3.0 1/10 TC Clear body 190mm, lightweight

SKU : BDTC- 190SRK3.0

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Brand Bittydesign

Body Handling very aggressive

The Striker-SR 3.0 has been developed to be more effective on the front end  searching the maximum possible steering; the use of our rear hard wing Ultra Charge ensures the right overall balance helping the driver to support a really consistent race pace. These characteristics make the body suitable for use on asphalt and alsocarpet with high grip.

The look of the front of the body in addition to being easily recognizable has been created and designed to generate a high downforce that generates a very fast entering steering but extremely precise. 

Product Features

The body respect all the international specs necessary for the approval by the federations, its EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR andBRCA homologated.


  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • Included in the kit a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing
  • Produced only Light Weight version, thickness of material 0,75mm
  • sold clear with protective film outside
  • included in the package a few decal sheets and windows mask