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ULTIMA undergoes a full model change with evolved performance to lead the RC racing world.
A new era in 2WD buggy racing has begun.
While EP 2WD racing buggy rivals jostle for position, the ULTIMA consistently competes at the highest level. To maintain its advantage, the ULTIMA has undergone a complete evolution into the new RB6 model. A duralumin chassis with tungsten diff balls, one-piece steel front wheel shafts and one-piece shock caps combine to deliver a sharp increase in speed. These features also improve durability and strength so the risk of damage during practice or club racing is reduced, allowing you to run your machine for the pure fun of it with peace of mind. The suspension design incorporates gullwing rear suspension arms and provides precision setting of the damping ratio to achieve optimal grounding characteristics. Superior grip allows free control of traction. In addition, the midship motor layout matches the model to high-grip surfaces such as carpet to produce nimble control and movement. The motor can be converted to a rear mount to produce optimal performance on rough road courses as well. Compatible with various battery sizes, a mount for separate or short-type Li-Po batteries is included that allows the mounting position to be moved between front-rear. The new ULTIMA RB6 racing machine is designed to respond decisively to the driver’s commands and will take your driving performance and results to the next level.
New chassis design evolves the RB5.
Design allows both midship or rear mounting of the motor.
Features tungsten diff balls.
Uses one-piece steel front wheel shafts.
Battery mounting position can be transferred between front and rear when using separate or short type Li-Po batteries.
Transmission incorporates reinforced idler gear to increase strength and performance.
Clamp screw aluminum hex wheel hubs provide secure traction and precise rotation on the rear.
Newly designed large slipper clutch matches the output of high power motors.
Gun metallic anodized aluminum parts add a sharp style finish.

< Required for Operation >
2-channel, 1-servo, 1-ESC R/C System
Tire inners
Battery charger
Pinion gears
Paint for body
Batteries for transmitter