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GFORCE SuperSonic 10.5T

SKU : G0007


Brand G-Force Japan

SuperSonic 10.5TG-FORCE Super Sonic Brushless Sensored Motor 10.5T G0007


Dual Access Sensor Ports with Rubber protectors
Three-piece Lightweight Aluminum Machined Motor Can
Heat Sink on End bell
Ultimate Cooling Design
Sintered 12.5mm High torque Rotor
JMRCA & BRCA Approved/Certified
Recommended RC Model Car: 1:10 model car, Buggy, MINI Car

Because G-GORCE motors are all fitted with High Torque Rotors, they can be geared up higher to reach more top speed without losing too much punch and run in lower temperature!

Specs Table:

Number of turns Standard Rotor KV IR value Voltage Maximum Output(W)
3.5T 12.5*5(mm) 9100 0.0026 7.4V 600
4.5T 12.5*5(mm) 7620 0.0042 7.4V 490
5.5T 12.5*5(mm) 6450 0.0061 7.4V 430
6.5T 12.5*5(mm) 5350 0.0087 7.4V 390
7.5T 12.5*5(mm) 4700 0.0104 7.4V 360
8.5T 12.5*5(mm) 4100 0.0138 11.1V 340
10.5T 12.5*5(mm) 3450 0.0208 11.1V 250
13.5T 12.5*5(mm) 2860 0.0331O 11.1V 190
17.5T 12.5*7.2(mm) 2200 0.0514 11.1V 130
21.5T 12.5*7.2(mm) 1760 0.0875 11.1V 100