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E-Flite Commander mPd 1.4m BNF Basic (EFL4850)

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With the feel of a classic craft blended with modern contemporary lines the all new Commander mPd 1.4 park flyer airplane from E-Flite is set to satisfy a diverse range of pilots looking for an all-round sporty fun machine. Power on tap and easy assembly.
Designed by Mirco Pecorari (Aircraft Design Studio) and David Payne
Equipped with AS3X receiver (Optional SAFE Technology)
Handle perfectly all flights from aerobatics to slow
New Hands-Free Servo Connection System
Quick assembly with only 8 screws required
Equipped with a brushless 15-size motor and 45A electronic speed controller
Aluminium landing gear with wheel pants
Flaps are already installed for short takeoffs and landings
The E-Flite Commander mPd, designed by David Payne and Mirco Pecorai
The E-Flite Commander mPd™ 1.4m park flyer Bind’N’Fly Basic aircraft has been forged out of a creative collaboration between legendary Italian design house, Aircraft Design Studio (ADS) and Horizon Hobby’s very own expert pilot, David Payne. Mirco Pecorari from ADS has always delivered a design flare that exhibits innovative and functional outcomes, yet aesthetically beautiful aircraft designs. The Commander mPd™ 1.4m park flyer is no exception to this offering a truly classic feel blended with modern and expected sporty performance of today's’ park flyer aircraft.
Within the design, inclusions like Hands-Free Servo Connection System, allowing the pilot to remove and attach wings with pure ease, plus extra stability of the AS3X receiver with optional SAFE Select flight envelope protection.
Designers, David Payne and Mirco Pecorari, have really enabled the focus on pilot-friendly flight coupled with beautiful and innovative aesthetics to shine through in this ground up design. Scale elements and classic lines and markings don’t detarct from the incredible performance offerings in the airframe design.
A little extra pit presence never hurt either with included scale pilot, and expertly moulded details like wing ribs, elevator, panel lines, fuel caps and many more subtle features.
Smooth and predictable control response
RC plane
The notion of increasing the flexibility and extent of the flight envelope of a model aircraft continues to be a focus for designers like David Payne. That concept where the airframe can continue to be aerodynamically stable was heavily explored in the new Commander mPd 1.4 with lightened wing loading, factory installed flaps, coupled with powerful brushless power plant all helps push those limits. Plus those pilots who want to push the boundaries will love the aggressive way you can perform aerobatics - hit rolling circle or knife edge manoeuvre and you will see just have amazing the Commander mPd 1.4 truly is.
Powerful model airplane
E-Flite have chosen the efficiency and power delivery of a powerful 15-size plus 45Amp ESC combination to pull the Commander mPd 1.4 around the sky. Small flying area? No problems with the factory installed functional flaps and light wing loading; fly and land virtually anywhere.
Get your E-Flite Commander mPd RC plane in the air in minutes. It is easy to assemble using only 8 screws to complete the model. When you remove or attach the wings there is no need to worry about the servo leads. The Hands-Free Servo Connection system automatically connects the aileron and flap servo when you attach the wing.
Optional SAFE Technology with the AS3X receiver
The Commander mPd 1.4 includes a receiver with AS3X and optional use of revolutionary SAFE Select technology. Smooth over turbulent and bumpy air in-flight with the AS3X and allocate a switch and enable the use of SAFE select technology as you please. This included technology at no extra charge enables a more enjoyable experience while controlling pitch and bank angle limits and offering the beauty of automatic self-levelling should you require.
What you Need
Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX6e (SPM6650) or the Spektrum DX9 (SPM9900)
LiPo Battery. We recommend the Dualsky ECO-S 2200mAh (DSBXP22003ECO) or the E-Flite 2200mAh (EFLB22003S30)
Charger. We recommend the Ultra Power 100AC Plus (UP100ACPLUS) or the Ultra Power 4ACL (UP4AC-