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CSM - Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin WWI Fighter

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Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin By Copper State Models
1/48th scale
Injection moulded plastic – New tooling
64 plastic components, 1 photo etch sheet, 1 acetate sheet (windscreen).
The components are beautifully moulded with an excellent subtle reproduction of the fabric covered surfaces. Both moulding flash and ejector pin marks are absent from the sprues.
Quick comment
This is the first known injection moulded plastic 1/48th scale kit of the Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin, and the first release of a kit from Copper State Models in Latvia.
As such it is certainly a very worthy example of this late WWI British fighter operated by the Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force that was produced in surprisingly large numbers with 2072 examples completed. Of these approximately 500 saw active service, these were in storage awaiting engines.
It was unusual in having it’s two wings staggered in a fashion opposite to the normal practice with the top wing set back from the lower one.
The wings in the kit are moulded with the top and lower surfaces combined.
In other words, instead of following the common practice of having separate top and bottom halves of each wing section, the company have chosen to mould complete units with excellent detail on both sides.
The fuselage interior includes the tubular structure, with seating, fuel tank, and control components provided. Components are provided for the nose mounted Vickers .303 machine guns. The oblique firing .303 Lewis guns in a semi flexible mount above the cockpit that were usually removed due to pilots’ safety concerns are not included.There is extensive use of photo etch in both these areas.
Two propeller types are provided, although some research will be required to ascertain which is appropriate for the aircraft depicted.
Rigging instructions for the fuselage interior are included in the full colour booklet provided.
This is the standard kit and does not include the resin and metal components provided for the Hispano-Suiza 8B engine in the premium edition.
There are also detailed instructions for rigging the wings, an area that is often quite difficult to master in models of this kind of aircraft.
A small clear acetate sheet is provided for the windscreen.
The supplied glossy sheet has good register and provides options for 4 aircraft.
1. Sopwith Dolphin C4157 of Lt.C.E.Worthington, No.87 Sqn, Autumn 1918.
2. Sopwith Dolphin C4131 of Major N.W.Noel and Capts.F.I.Lord and J.D.Canning, No.79 Sqn, Summer 1918.
3. Sopwith Dolphin C4168 of Major J.C.Callaghan, CO of No.87 Sqn, Spring 1918.
4. Sopwith Dolphin C3824 of Capt. J.W.Pearson, No.23 Sqn, June 1918.

To sum up, this is an excellent first release of a kit of an aircraft sadly neglected up until this time in the modelling world.

Daryl N. Williams.