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Prime performance

The KRATON 6S is designed to be tough, so you can take your bashing to the limits. It’s engineered to excel on any terrain, thanks to blistering brushless power, waterproof electronics and dBoots Minokawa tires. Go ahead. Take it out on the roughest off-road courses you can find. The KRATON 6S will bounce back for more, again and again.


Bashers all over the world know what it takes to really blast in extreme conditions.

The KRATON 6S is primed for multi-surface driving action, no matter how hard the elements fight back. Equipped with super-strong steel, lightweight aluminum, and rugged composite materials, when you pilot the KRATON 6S, you are in charge of a really powerful force.


No matter what conditions you decide to challenge, the KRATON 6S is built to perform. Tough composite materials are combined with durable, precision manufactured, steel meaning your KRATON 6S is designed to be tough.


The KRATON 6S is ready to BLAST. Featuring an aggressively styled truck bodyshell that looks even better up-close and personal, with great attention to detail on the decal and body aesthetics.


With aggressive sports truck styling and super-tough parts throughout, the KRATON 6S is designed for high-speed asphalt runs, chucking dirt roosters at the local park, and flying across rocks and rubble when the challenges become more extreme.


Designed FAST. With almost endless 6S brushless power on tap from the ARRMA BLX 185 brushless system, there is nothing to hold back the KRATON 6S.


Designed TOUGH. With a 3mm thick anodized aluminum chassis, three full-metal geared differentials, beefy suspension components and steel driveshafts throughout, the KRATON 6S BLX is ready for whatever you can throw at it.


With a low-profile stance and equipped with a specially created nylon rear wing, the KRATON 6S is aerodynamic and really turns heads when you roll into town. When you pull the trigger you can expect superior handling and beautifully balanced flight from every jump.


Equipped with a durable composite internal roll cage, the KRATON 6S can handle big hits, as its super-tough structure helps protect your bodyshell from damage.


Don't just bash, BLAST. With seemingly endless power on tap, and a superbly set-up chassis, you are assured to have a blast with the KRATON 6S BLX.




Tactic TTX300 3-channel radio and TR326 3-channel receiver.

BLX 4074 2050kV brushless motor.

Waterproof BLX185 brushless ESC and ADS-15M metal gear steering servo.

Adjustable oil-filled shocks with 4 mm shafts boost durability.

Stiffer servo mount.

Stronger bulkheads, front/rear chassis braces and front hubs.

Shock cap protectors.

High-downforce wing.

Heavy-duty drivetrain.

Durable steel driveshafts throughout.

Anodized aluminum chassis.

Black anodized aluminum shock towers.

Strong composite chassis side pods.

All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals.

Dirt shields and bumpers.

dBoots Minokawa multi-terrain tires on multi split-spoke wheels.

Two XT90 battery connectors.



RTR Kraton 6S BLX Speed Truck with Painted Body

2.4GHz Radio

Waterproof Steering Servo and Receiver Box

BLX185 ESC, 2050Kv

Brushless Motor

12T Pinion Gear

Instruction Manual.

Two XT90 Battery Connectors and Bridging Wire for single pack use



AA Batteries: Four for transmitter

LiPo Battery: Two 2-3S 5000mAh 35C minimum LiPo with XT90 connector, Duratrax 11.1V 5000mAh 35C batteries recommended, or one 4-6S LiPo battery

Battery Charger: To match selected battery LiPo charging sack, building & track equipment