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HONG KONG MODELS 1/32 B-17EF flying fortress

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HONG KONG MODELS 1/32 B-17EF flying fortress ;Item No : 01E05,No of part : 664 parts,Wing Span : 989mm,Length : 707mm


B-17E/F Flying Fortress By Hong Kong Models

1/32nd scale



Injection moulded plastic – New tooling


678 components including plastic parts, transparencies, resin and photo etch.


The components are exquisitely moulded with very delicate rivet and panel line detail which is recessed or raised where appropriate.

This applies to various fairings and access ports.

Due to the size of the parts some ejector pin marks can be found on internal areas that are generally unseen, with any found in areas such as the wing trailing edge inner rib structure easily dealt with.

There was no flash visible on any of the sprues.

General Comment

This is the second offering of the Boeing B-17 from Hong Kong Models in this scale and represents the earlier B-17E/F which lacked the distinctive chin mounted gun turret of the later ‘G model.

The kit features full interior detail including the bombsight, flexible gun mounts, crew seating, instrument panels, control columns and rudder pedals, navigator’s station, oxygen equipment, radio equipment, and a fully fitted out bomb bay including bomb load. This can be portrayed opened or closed.

The fuselage has a very good representation of the internal structure including ribbing and various bulkheads.

The ball turret, dorsal turret, and tail gun positions each feature multiple components which contribute to the appropriate level of detail required.

All the flexible gun positions can be portrayed in operational or stowed positions. Care must be taken in use of the supplied resin ammunition belt parts for these areas.

Alternate parts are provided for the different cheek gun mounts for the ‘E or ‘F variants.

The main undercarriage wheel bays are separate sub assemblies and also feature full internal detail.

The landing gear itself is very nicely reproduced with excellent detail, and includes treaded, flattened, bulged tyres. It can be portrayed extended or retracted.

Provision is also made for fitting of a wall mounting bracket in the open bomb bay.

All the Wright R-1820 engines consist of multiple parts including cylinder banks, turbochargers and separate propeller blades, which allows for variation of the pitch position.

Photo etch is supplied for intakes on the wing leading edge between the engines.

The transparencies are very clear with excellent framing and rivet detail. No blemishes were evident.


The supplied sheets are printed by Cartograph and have excellent register and density.

The options are –

  1. B-17E s/n 41-2656, “Chief Seattle”, 435th BS/19th BG, Australia, spring 1942.

  2. B-17F s/n 41-24605, BN-R, “Knock-out Dropper”, 359th BS/303rd BG, England, November 1943.

  3. B-17F s/n 41-24485, DF-A, “Memphis Belle”, 324th BS/91st BG, England, May 1943.


Daryl N. Williams